About Yemtox

Yemtox limited offers authentic Afro-Caribbean groceries and foodstuffs from the source. We go the extra mile to bring to your doorsteps those foods and services that you always loved. Yemtox Limited is home away from home.

Yemtox limited is the only Afro-Caribbean stores servicing a large number of students and residents of Cambridgeshire. Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University have majority of foreign students in the United Kingdom.

Cambridge is the educational headquarters of the United Kingdom with various research companies employing locals and other foreign nationals. The services provided by YEMTOX Limited is therefore very paramount to meeting the needs of a larger population. Yemtox Ltd is your friendly Afro - Caribbean Supermarket in Cambridge. We sell a wide range of African/ Caribbean / Speciality ingredients / products /services to meet the diverse needs of all our customers.

We understand that African hair requires speacialist care, we are specialist in African Caribbean hair products,  so you can now say bye bye bad hair days.

Yemtox Limited provides food for international students studying in Cambridge University & Anglia Ruskin University. Our international money transfer services is an essential lifeline to students and their loved ones. Try our cheap contract phones to stay in touch with family overseas.

If you are a student and you need to transfer goods, money, services to family overseas, Yemtox Ltd is the right place to visit.

We have staffs that have experience and knowledge of traditional cooking of our varieties of foods. We are proud of our creativity in good and high quality traditional products. Our staff have high ethical standards.

We stock ingredients from African countries including Nigerian and Ghanian foodstuff. We also have foods for other continents - Asian, American and Australian.

All seasons food is our arm of the business that specialised in African Caribbean food import.

Our goal is to put our Customers need first.